This is development note of March 1st, 2024 about brand-new simulation game named <Project E-ONE> of HOONDAHL Studio. It gives you a information about new features only without previous dev notes.
현재 개발 중인 시뮬레이션 게임 <Project E-ONE> 의 2024년 3월 1일 개발 진행 내용입니다. 이전 버전이 없는 최초 개발노트로 새롭게 추가된 내용을 안내합니다.

[ Screen Record ]

<Project E-ONE> is now planning to have a name called <Eternal ONE>, the biggest change of Eternal ONE compared to our previous game <Beginning of the Rain> is to support update service from server. It will fix any errors of the game immediately when it has found, and support live events based on special day such as Christmas, Halloween, and our internal anniversary.

The screen in the attached video above is the example of update screen. It will download data of latest version of the game after checking installed version of your devices.

While it shows update screen, you can see the slideshow of images related to in-game stories. It can also be changed often by each update.


That’s all I prepared this time for you.
Eternal ONE will finally be released on December, 2024. Stay Tuned!

By developer of HOONDAHL Studio,